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Bridget Nielsen & Corey Goode - High Vibration Diets & Raising Consciousness

Bridget Nielsen & Corey Goode Discuss High Vibration Diets & Raising Consciousness From A Vegetarian Perspective Bridget's Article on High Vibrational Diet: http://bridgetnielsen.com/how-to-raise-your-consciousness-vibration-through-diet/ This video is on How to Raise Your Vibration through intaking the Healthiest Foods to take in more spiritual energy and vitality. Do certain foods help with Vibration? Yes! This concept is about achieving perfect health by detoxifying and healing your body, then nourishing it with healthy meals. By being in your body and in your center will assist with the law of attraction, motivation, joy, personal development, spiritual expansion and manifesting the life you want! Bridget's Recipes: http://bridgetnielsen.com/healthymeal... www.bridgetnielsen.com www.hybridchildrencommunity.org www.harmoniousearth.org Hybrid Children Youtube: www.youtube.com/thehybridchildren FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/BridgetNielsen Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bridgetnielsen Twitter: https://twitter.com/BridgetNielsen Corey Goode was a part of the Secret Space Program as an intuitive empath for 20 years and is now a delegate for the Sphere Being Alliance (Blue Avians). He shares many of his experiences on Cosmic Disclosure hosted by David Wilcock on Gaia TV. www.gaia.com/coreygoode Watch the 1st EPISODE FREE! www.gaia.com/cosmic1 And the 2nd EPISODE, too! www.gaia.com/cosmic2 More from Corey Goode: http://www.spherebeingalliance.com/ www.BlueAvians.com #spherebeingalliance #cosmicdisclosure #goodevlog Connect with Corey on, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BlueAvians YouTube: http://bit.ly/SphereBeingYouTube Twitter: https://twitter.com/blueavians Stay in direct touch with everything: http://bit.ly/CoreyGoodeNewsletter FREE EPISODES on Gaia: www.gaia.com/cosmic1 www.gaia.com/cosmic2 www.gaia.com/cosmic5

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Bridget Nielsen & Corey Goode - High Vibration Diets & Raising Consciousness

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